Getting Started

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Tainacan is a WordPress plugin. Visit the Download page for more information on how to get it up and running.

After installation, you will see a new menu item in your admin panel called “Tainacan”. Click on it to open the Tainacan admin interface.

To get an overview of the main concepts of Tainacan, please visit this page.

Create a collection

Click “New Collection” to create a new collection, use a mapping standard or import using one of our importers.

Configure your collection

Navigate the top menu to set your collection up. Create the metadata that items in this collection will have, and choose, from these metadata, which ones are going to be used as a filter.

Add items

Back to the “Items” screen, click “Add new” to create a new item.

Manage and browse your collection

Through this admin interface you can manage your collection and browse its item using the faceted search interface or advanced search interface.

If you want to visit your collections in the public side of your site, using your current theme, visit http://your-site/tainacan-collection and you will get the list of your collections.

Set up Taxonomies

You can also have metadata as taxonomies, which you can configure with a set of hierarchical terms of your own vocabulary.

Add links to your menu

Edit your menu and links directly to your collections. Click “Screen options” at the top of the Menu edition page and enable “Collections”.

If you want to add a link to the list of collections, click “View all” tab on the Collections box on the left, and then add the first item named “Collections Archive” to the menu.

Faceted search in your theme

We are still working in a way to enable faceted search in any theme. You can try it but it might not work very well depending on your theme.

In order to do this, use the shortcode “tainacan-search” in any page of your site (we recommend a full width template page), informing the ID of the collection you want to display.


[tainacan-search collection-id=4]