Road Map

In this page we will document our road map as well as some ideas we have for the near future of Tainacan.

We encourage you to read this page that presents the basic concepts Tainacan works with.

Also note that we will be making intermediary releases between these main versions.

Alpha (released)

We have just released an alpha version, which delivers the very basic features of Tainacan. Basically its possible to create collections, metadata, filters, items and taxonomies.

  • Collections
    • Create, edit, delete
    • private and public
    • Moderators
    • cover image and thumbnail
    • Browse items
      • sort
      • select fields to show in table
  •  Metadata
    • In Collection and repository levels
      • inheritance (from repository to collection and from collection to child collections)
    • Features
      • Required
      • Single or multiple
      • Unique value (collection key)
      • private / public
    • Metadata types:
      • Text
      • Textarea
      • Date
      • Numeric
      • Category
      • List (select)
      • Relationship with other items
  •  Filters
    • In Collection and repository levels
    • inheritance (from repository to collection and from collection to child collections)
    • Filter types
      • Category
        • Checkbox tree (multiple selection)
        • Selectbox (single select)
        • text search
      • Input text
      • Select
      • Date range
      • Numeric range
  •  Items
    • add / edit / trash / delete
    • Faceted Search
    • Attachments
    • Document
      • Attachment
      • URL
      • text
    • Generate thumbnail from PDF cover
  •  Taxonomies
    • Create, edit and delete taxonomies and its terms
    • Allow (or not) creation of new terms upon item edition
  • Activity log
    • Creation, edition and deletion of collections, items, fields, etc.

Beta (released)

In Beta version, we will are still working on basic features, such as import and export and bulk edition, here is a complete list if additions:

  • Collections
    • Use presets of metadata when creating new collection (e.g. DublinCore) (released in 0.2)
    • Choose which metadata to order items by default
    • Add Cards view to items list in admin (released in 0.2)
  •  Metadata
    • Group metadata in Sections (postponed)
  •  Filters
    • Improve usability (partially released in 0.2)
  •  Items
    • Bulk edit (released in 0.4)
    • Sequence edit (released in 0.5)
    • Add item
      • One or many files (released in 0.6)
      • Import from external sources (released in 0.3)
    • Items listing on repository level (released in 0.2)
    • Repository level search (released in 0.2)
    • Advanced search (released in 0.2)
  •  Taxonomies
    • Import export terms (vocabularies) (Import released in 0.6)
  •  Exposers:
    • OAI-PMH (released in 0.2 lacks documentation)
    • RDF / JSON-LD experimental (released in 0.2 lacks documentation)
  • Mapping Standards:
    • DublinCore (released in 0.2)
  •  Importers
    • Tainacan (old versions) (released in 0.3)
    • CSV file (released in 0.3)

Version 1.0

We believe, at this point, we will have enough feedback to adjust everhting we’ve done in previous versions, as well as building new tools on the top of the basic features we have.

  • Metadata
    • Semantic URI or relation with metadata schema (Wiki data link) (released in 0.3)
  •  Items
    • Index content from PDFs and Text documents (released in 0.11)
  • Importers
    • OAI-PMH (released in 0.8)
    • D-Space (postponed)
    • Omeka (postponed)
    • Youtube (released in 0.9)
    • Flickr (released in 0.9)
  • Exporters
    • Export Tainacan package (backup and import in other tainacan instances)
    • CSV (released in 0.7)
  • Activity log
    • Revert an edition (postponed)
  • Admin
    • Roles and permission settings (it already can be done with native WP plugins) (released 0.15)
    • Dashboard Widgets (on discussion)
  • Gutenberg Blocks
  • Elastic Search integration (via ElasticPress plugin) (released in 0.9)

Open planning

You can follow a more detailed roadmap looking at our project at Github.


We are also already working in some add ons to Tainacan.

IIIF Integration – Enable the integration with a IIIF server, embeds a IIIF viewer and allows and save annotations to the images

WikiData integration – This might be the first to be released. Allows users to relate metadata with Wikidata properties or classes, and then link actual item with item in the WikiData database. We will write more about this soon.

Workflows – Allows users to set up workflows for adding items, with flexible intermediary status from draft to publication, and roles assigment for users.

Other features and plugins desires

Websockets – Use websockets (requires installation of extra services in the server) to dynamically update the interface. Very usefull if more than one person is using Tainacan at the same time

Statistics page – Collect and displays stats from the repository

How to cite this item – A plugin to display a “how to cite” box in differente formats

Geolocalization tools – A plugin to add a geolocalization metadata type, and few options to handle them. Also, this plugin can register a new view mode to display items in a map and filters to perform geographic based searches

Your idea here – please send us ideias!