Tainacan Beta 0.12 – New Collections Carousel Block and Search on PDF Files

A modest but important update for Tainacan has just arrived! New features New Block: Collections Carousel On version 0.11, we presented the Items Carousel block, a feature that we were due a while ago. Today, we introduce this block’s sibling, which shall showcase your collections with elegance and dynamism on any post or page that Read More

New version 0.8!

The newest version of Tainacan is live! 0.8 comes with new possibilities for your collection. Highlights include integration with the OAI-PMH protocol, new Gutenberg blocks and a system check page. Check the details: Novidades: Exporters: Export a CSV file of your collections and taxonomies. OAI-PMH support: Now every Tainacan repository exposes data using OAI-PMH protocol. In Read More

Tainacan is ready to WordPress 5.0’s new editing experience

WordPress has just released it’s new version, featuring big changes to it’s content editor, allowing the creation of posts with greater ease on layout configuration and multimedia insertion. Instead of the classic text editor with buttons for bold and italic formatting, the new WordPress allows you to create freely a page building it’s visual from Read More

Museum of the Indian Ethnographic collection published with Tainacan!

The ethnographic collection of indigenous peoples in Brazil, housed by the Museum of the Indian, was just published online using Tainacan. It can be accessed at tainacan.museudoindio.gov.br. The construction of the digital collection was a work carried out over a year, focused on the systematization of all the digitized material and implementation of Tainacan. The Read More

Tainacan Alpha 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 – What are the news?

Since our humble release of version 0.2 of Tainacan Plugin at the Fórum Internacional de Software Livre, we had few time to show off our most recent releases. Since then, more and more people are trying out Tainacan development version and we’re seeing the first museums to have their digital repositories exposed through Tainacan. So Read More