Tainacan Beta 0.12 – New Collections Carousel Block and Search on PDF Files

A modest but important update for Tainacan has just arrived!

New features

New Block: Collections Carousel

On version 0.11, we presented the Items Carousel block, a feature that we were due a while ago. Today, we introduce this block’s sibling, which shall showcase your collections with elegance and dynamism on any post or page that your desire:

The block has two carousel view modes: An items grid, previewing 3 of the most recent items in the collection; and the collection thumbnail. Features such as autoplay and arrow positioning are also available.

Search inside PDF Files (experimental)

PDF files are a very frequent case of documents for items in archival collections. From now on, if your collection is filled with PDF documents, you can search not only the metadata registered in your item, but also within the PDF file itself from your Tainacan item list. Just access the advanced search and set up the “document” search field:

This feature is still experimental and is not enabled by default. Please have a look at this page for more information.


Multiple carousel blocks

Those who have already enjoyed carousel blocks must have noticed a somewhat frustrating limitation: only one carousel per post or page was allowed! Well no more! Now you can use as many as you want when composing your story 😉

And more…

  • Bug fixes on attachment counting and pagination #289;
  • Corrections to item carousel and static item block;
  • Error correction when importing CSVs with special_ * attributes and displaying these attributes in mapping list #299;
  • Cancellation of old incomplete requests on page transitions, improving the performance of plugin #296.
  • ‘Select all’ not activating checkboxes on masonry and records view mode. #303
  • Fixed Bug: CSV importer publishes private item when updating #304

Get it now!

Tainacan version 0.12 is now available. You can download it or upgrade directly from your WordPress dashboard:

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