Welcome to the new Tainacan blog!

Welcome to the new Tainacan blog!

Its been more than 6 months since we’ve decided to rewrite Tainacan and now, finally, we are proud to release the first version that we see fit for the world to see.

At the same time, we are bootstraping a reformulated website and starting this brand new blog, which is still very simple, but will constitute the main channel for regular updates on our development progress, and also a meeting point for the community.

Language is (not) an issue for us, but (as Brazilians) we still don’t really know how we will handle this. We must and we will be publishing material in Portuguese, since our community is basically here, but we want to be able to communicate with the rest of the world. So we will probably have a mix. Important posts and releases will be published in both languages. Technical blog posts will be probably only in english. Other posts may be published only in portuguese. We will see how it goes.

For now, posts in english will be published in the “english” category, and in portuguese, in the “português” category.

We hope you enjoy it!

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