Museum of the Indian Ethnographic collection published with Tainacan!

The ethnographic collection of indigenous peoples in Brazil, housed by the Museum of the Indian, was just published online using Tainacan. It can be accessed at

The construction of the digital collection was a work carried out over a year, focused on the systematization of all the digitized material and implementation of Tainacan. The software allows the management of the digital material by the museologists and the access of the public to navigation through the collection counts on advanced search tools, filters for different terms and different formats of visualization. The work was carried out jointly with the institution’s museologists and the researchers of the Participatory Public Policy Laboratory (L3P), linked to the Research and Development Laboratory and Innovation in Interactive Media (MediaLab / UFG).

The repository has 19,918 items from 150 indigenous peoples of Brazilian territory, under the protection of the museum since 1947. The navigation through the collection is based on categories already consecrated by the ethnological bibliography, such as the raw material used, confectionery, indigenous people, language, etc.

Also present are collections formed by the Indians themselves since the 1980s, such as the braided collections of the indigenous Xyhcaprô Krahô, Jacalo Kuikuro and Julia Macuxi, as well as the plumage collections of Talukumã Kalapalo and Arrula Waurá and the large pottery collection of Quitéria Pankararu .

The installation can be accessed at this link and is available for free to the public:

Tainacan do Museu do Índio
The Museum of the Indian digital collection
Detail of the plumage collection

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