Development updates #0

Here are the latest news about what we have been working on.

1 – Elastic Search: Elastic Search is a free search engine that can handle large amounts of data in real time. Tainacan integration with ES is almost ready, and when that happens, loading pages and searches will be much faster. But only if you use Elastic Search, okay? 🙂

2 – Gutenberg Blocks. Gutenberg is the new text editor for WordPress. It gives a lot more freedom for users to create richer posts through a page builder where you can use various types of “blocks”. Our idea is that, from specific Tainacan blocks, it will be possible to incorporate items and collections into your posts. In this way, it will be possible, for example, to create virtual exhibitions, to contextualize and present a collection using a narrative, among other possibilities.

3 – Importers and exporters to make Tainacan talk with other systems!

Support for the OAI-PMH standard of Tainacan is now ready and in the new version the services that use this protocol can be added.

In addition, various fixes and improvements. Among them, the possibility to sort the items of a collection from any metadata, and a refactoring of the mass editing functions, which has presented some problems for very large collections.

For anyone who wants to see in detail what we’re working on, this board is always up to date:

Doubts? Suggestions? Claims? Leave your comment below! 🙂

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