Tainacan Beta 0.21.0 – Tidying up with PHP 8 & Vue3

Technological sustainability is one of the great challenges of open source software. As you know, Tainacan is free and maintained by a small community that is dedicated to following our forum and meeting new demands for features, improvements and bug fixes.

In the midst of new release cycles, we occasionally need to slow down in order to update the technologies that keep the software up and running. This is essential if Tainacan is to remain a modern, effective, secure and, above all, easy-to-maintain tool for future developers who may contribute to the code.

So what’s new?

Version Tainacan Beta 0.21.0 brings as novelty the biggest code refactoring ever done on the plugin, offering the long-awaited support for PHP 8.x and the use of version 3.x of VueJS, our visual components framework.

If all goes well, this refactoring shouldn’t be noticed by users. It’s behind the scenes that things are much better, with more efficient data type checks, scripts loading only when necessary and more appropriate code organization.

On the backend side, this means that those who have been waiting to be able to use the latest version of PHP on their server can finally go ahead and adopt it, gaining in performance and security.

On the frontend side, the reactivity and communication between the various visual components of Tainacan has changed a lot with Vue 3. Much of the logic that coded the Tainacan admin panel has been changed, which has also allowed us to update some library dependencies that offer us features such as the carousels for the Gutenberg blocks or the drag-and-drop for the metadata settings.

URL Type Metadata: now at home

Finally, one of the new features of this version is the incorporation of the URL Type Metadata as an official Tainacan type. Those who have used it via the plugin we have made available in the WordPress plugin repository can deactivate it, as the URL type is now registered by Tainacan itself.

Be sure to update the plugin and its related plugins. Don’t hesitate to contact us on the forum if you notice anything unexpected. And get ready because little by little we’ll be getting back to work… there’s a lot of new stuff coming!

Get it now!

Tainacan version 0.20.1 is now available. You can download it or update it directly from your WordPress dashboard:

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