The project Tainacan is a plugin fora WordPress. Therefore, if you wanto to install Tainacan, the first step is to have a working WordPress site. We discuss this in details in our Wiki.

Once you have your own WordPress set up, you do not have to download Tainacan. You only need to visit the “Plugins” section in your admin panel, search for Tainacan and click on “Install”. It is that simple!

Tainacan Plugin

Instal Tainacan directly from your site admin’s panel or download it from the WordPresss official plugins repository. You can also download the source code from the projects page on Github.

Tainacan default Theme

Tainacan may work with any of the many WordPress themes. However, to assure that all the functionalities that it offers, it is necessary to use a theme that supports this features. We discuss some options in our Wiki, but we recommend the default theme, developed by the plugin team.

Install the theme “Tainacan Interface” directly from the admin panel of your website on WordPress of download it from the official themes repository. You can also download the source code from the project page on Github.

Development downloads

If you want to test the version that the development team is working on, with their latest news and updates, you can download the development builds.

Understand that these versions are, as the name says, still in development. They are not stable and are meant to be used as test. There might be incomplete functionalities and bugs.

That said, here are the Download links: