Tainacan Beta 0.20.3 – Managing and displaying taxonomy terms

Conteúdo1 What’s new1.1 Taxonomy and Terms list on website1.2 Taxonomy form refactor1.3 Multiple terms edition1.4 Multiple terms insertion2 Improvements3 Bug fixes4 Themes4.1 Tainacan Interface4.2 Blocksy Support5 Get it now! Tainacan taxonomies have always been powerful resources for creating categorization vocabularies…

Tainacan Beta 0.18 – Reports, New Media Gallery and Improvements to the Items List

As Tainacan grows in number of users and installations, we have been concerned with meeting the different demands of different audiences. This version brings a set of new features that should please from the manager who wants to better understand his collection, to the visitor who seeks a more complete experience when exploring the digital collection. Come with us, we have a lot to tell!