Tainacan Showcase

Tainacan is one of the products developed by the Network Intelligence Laboratory, an interinstitutional initiative involving the Federal University of Goiás, the University of Brasília, the Federal University of Espírito Santo, and the Federal University of Santa Catarina. Tainacan’s collaborative efforts extend to initiatives in ecology, with close partnerships supported by the Brazilian Institute of Museums and the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology.

Here we present some of the institutions that are already using Tainacan and their respective collections. If you want to submit your project to this list, do not hesitate to complete our auto-deposit form, and become part of our growing collection of use cases!


Brazilian Institute of Museums (IBRAM)

The Tainacan Project is the outcome of an initiative aimed at promoting the establishment of a national policy for digital collections (archives, libraries, and museums) and constitutes the “Programa Acervo em Rede of the Brazilian Museum Institute (Ibram)”. One of its products, Brasiliana, a content aggregation platform, is the subject of a partnership with the Federal University of Goiás (UFG).

Educational institutes

Currently Tainacan is used by more than 20 educational institutions, among them Federal Universities, State Universities, Municipal Universities, and private educational institutions.

Private Institutions and Third Sector

Tainacan has also been adopted by several private and third sector institutions to publish their digital collections.

Explore diferent types of archives

Tainacan is increasingly present in the reality of collection holding institutions. Thus, we present here the different themes of collections available with Tainacan:

Distribution of the institutes per states

Items Submission

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