Documentation for Users and Developers

The documentation for the Tainacan plugin is mainly located at the Tainacan Wiki. It is an open and interactive platform that is under constant update to cove from the most basic topics to the most advanced technical details regarding Tainacan.

Academic Documentation

The Tainacan project also raises from the effort of a lot of research and innovation. We’ve been gathering every publication related in a repository of researches:

Besides that, in an effort to make public all the process used in our work of treatment and implementation of archives, we have a Data Science Repository on GitHub, with the scripts that we use.

Besides that, you may also be interested on seeing the Tainacan Entity on Wikidata and the set of Presentations, pictures, midia and general about Tainacan on Wikimedia Commons.

Video tutorials and Webinars

In our YouTube channel, we have some tutorials and webinars regarding Tainacan and the data treatment process for your archive. Check some of them, available in Portuguese:

Visual Identity

Learn how to use Tainacan branding material with the Identity Manual and Logos.

Get in touch with us in our Social Network: